Reichhardt - Precision Guidance Systems

Reichhardt offers many different options for precision sensor-guidance and GPS-guidance steering systems to maximize your planting and harvesting efficiency. The system can easily be integrated into your operation and may be compatible with the components you already own. With Reichhardt, you can expect precision and flexibility for guiding your equipment, proven reliability, and customer service.

Reichhardt Products


Reichhardt GREEN FIT allows you to use the AutoTrac guidance system with your equipment brand. No need to learn an entirely different steering system when you buy a new brand. To use Reichhardt GREEN FIT you must have StarFireTM Receiver 3000/6000 and/or GreenStarTM Display 2630/4640 with AutoTrac Activation required John Deere components. There is an easy installation process, and it gives you the ease of use across new equipment. 


Reichhardt PSR Sensor Guidance - Get TAC

Pilot System Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance (PSR TAC) helps farmers steer by using a flexible sensor that feels along the plants to make sure that you are in the middle of the row. GPS works best on flat, bare ground, and the PSR TAC gives you that extra detail that you need to make sure you’re getting the best results. Works in 20, 22, and 30-inch rows. With PSR TAC, you can minimize header loss, harvest down corn efficiently, reduce crop damage, and work more accurately on uneven and unique fields. 

get TAC PSR senor guidance

Reichhardt PSR GPS Guidance 

Auto guidance with GPS (PSR SKY) allows you to be able to have the most accurate harvest and spraying experience with your GPS. Use GPS signals (capable of reading GPS Serial (NMEA-0183) or CAN (NMEA-2000) message formats, which are used by the majority of receivers on the market) to make sure that you are always in the right place at the right time. PSR SKY allows different brands of receivers with no compromise to the correction data. You have many choices of guidance: A/B, A+Heading, Lat/Long+Heading, 200 line storage with naming rights, Circular Lines for irrigation, or 50 line storage with naming rights. 

GPS autoguidance reichhardt

Reichhardt Minibatt+ Sample Harvester

The Minibatt+ is a mini-combine. It will help you with harvesting small grains like wheat, barley, oats, rye, milo, canola, and medicinal plants or spices. This is useful for time and cost-saving measures and can be a great addition to university research programs. It is handheld, portable, and you can get accurate yield estimates in less than five minutes.


Reichhardt provides guidance solutions for tractors, self-propelled machines, and implements in agriculture. To view all of their products, visit their website at