My Way RTK

My Way RTK Precision Guiding Techniques

If you are looking to use precision guiding techniques on your farm, Real-Time Kinematic Positioning from MyWayRTK is the most accurate signal available, able to keep your equipment within one inch of its intended path.

RTK helps guide your combine or sprayer most accurately through the field via a cellular modem. It is designed to work with any equipment that uses industry-standard GPS protocols. This is especially beneficial to operators using multiple brands of equipment. You will need an RTK receiver and a cell modem with a data plan that is capable of connecting to MyWay RTK. 


  • Stay within one inch of the intended path.
  • Makes farming more efficient
  • Reduce costs in fertilizer and tillage investments
  • Accurately record data.
  • Plant and apply inputs based on a specific prescription for maximum profitability.

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