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Montag is a high-quality agriculture equipment manufacturer specializing in fertilizer equipment. They offer several precision fertilizer products including Montag Carts, auto-steer carts (fertilizer carts), and a dry fertilizer metering system.

Montag products, like the auto-steer fertilizer carts, will help you begin reaping the benefits of deep band fertilizer, and it adapts to most applications where liquid or dry fertilizer banding is preferred.

gen 1 fertilizer system montag

Generation One (GEN I) Fertilizer System 

A deep bonding dry fertilizer metering system by Montag and is made of 300 series food-grade stainless steel. The unique Montag fluid bed air delivery system requires reduced horsepower (fan at < 3800 RPM). Fertilizer is put into the airstream at the air chamber. This requires much less pressure and is why Montag can have a non-pressurized tank. Everything in the GEN I Fertilizer System is resistant to corrosion and made to be long-lasting.


generation 2 fertilizer system montag

Generation Two (GEN II) Fertilizer System

One example of a dry fertilizer metering system by Montag is Generation Two (GEN II). It keeps all the features of GEN I, but it also has the function to add rows and configure drives so that you can now easily invest in a metering platform that can be adapted to your operation as it changes and evolves for years to come.


liquid fertilizer system montag

Liquid Fertilizer System

When you want to use liquid fertilizer, Montag can help! Montag’s auto-steer cart is outfitted with either a 1200 or 1700 gallon tank for liquid fertilizer. You get all the benefits of staying off the rows while still getting liquid fertilizer precisely where you need it. Each tank has a 15-degree cone bottom which is useful for full emptying of all liquid fertilizer. The system is built to last with a corrosion-resistant chemically treated exterior. 


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Montag is a high quality ag manufacturer specializing in fertilizer equipment like dry fertilizer metering systems