Data Management

Data Management in Precision Farming


Since the early days of precision farming, yield maps have been a mainstay.  Some of us would print the maps ourselves, usually after several days of cursing the computer and software.  Others would have someone else print the maps for use, letting them be frustrated instead. The result – “WOW, that’s neat!”   But what became of these "neat" maps?  They were most likely archived in a binder and forgotten on a shelf.  The same was true with fertility maps.


As precision farming progressed, we started to collect more layers of data.  As a result, we accumulated more notebooks on the shelf with more nice-looking maps.  We had variety maps, population maps, and some as-applied maps (although many times those were at the fertilizer dealers in his notebook on a shelf).  The question was (and still is in many cases) what is the value of the paper in those notebooks on the shelf?

Get Value From Your Data

For precision farming to be valuable, someone needed to take that data and help producers begin to get value from it.  To meet that need, Precision Solutions Ag, LLC was created as a sister company of West Enterprises to help producers get value from their data.  Find the most effective ways to get the best yield. Find out what works and what doesn't work on your farm. Data can show you a lot of unexpected things about your farming operation. Connect with to find out the value you have stockpiled in your maps on the shelf.

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