Norac Systems Equipment Spray Height Control Systems

NORAC Systems offer high-quality spray-height control systems that can ensure that your fields are covered with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They offer an entry-level spray control system, the UC4.5, and a newer ISOBUS certified model, the UC5. With NORAC, you can expect improved accuracy, increased efficiency, proven reliability, and guaranteed satisfaction. Learn more at their website,



The UC4.5 features non-contact sensing and individual boom override functionality. With non-contact sensing, the Spray Height Control System never comes in contact with the ground because all sensing is through ultrasonic sensors. Additionally, when necessary, you can place one boom section into manual override. This is important when you have a fence on one side and clear terrain on the other. While you worry about the fence, the other boom sections can stay in automatic mode. 

norac uc4.5


The UC5 is ISOBUS certified, and it can be operated through any universal terminal. It is easy to operate and it offers help and support from our experts through troubleshooting. It offers ultrasonic sensors to monitor field terrain so that you can spray effectively. Additionally, it features Hybrid Mode technology which uses sensors to simultaneously track the crop canopy and soil surface to keep a consistent spray height. 

norac uc5


The UC7 is the newest model, with an all-in-one boom height control system that can be changed to any level of automated control, including standard control, passive roll, active roll, and active wing roll. Standard control is a basic, budget-minded height control solution for smaller booms and is best with mild, flat terrain. Passive roll is the most popular solution for challenging terrain. Active roll is the premier control for inconsistent and challenging terrain. Active Wing Roll is the premier wing control system that hydraulically links to the wings to simulate roll without moving the center. This maintains the ideal height consistently and provides for the best spraying experience. 

norac uc7

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