Agrimatics LibraCart

What is LibraCart from Agrimatics?

libracart agrimatics available through West Enterprises

LibraCart is a smartphone/tablet app that allows you to transfer data between your app and the LibraCart hardware on your grain cart. You can also get grain cart weighing information and access a data management system. The hardware can easily be mounted directly onto your grain cart to industry-standard load cells through the junction box. The program will then transfer all data to your smartphone or tablet. No wires, no cords. Just your smartphone or tablet and the LibraCart hardware mounted on your grain cart. 

Our patent-pending Libra Cart device connects wirelessly to all in-range mobile devices, providing world-class indicator displays to the entire team. The Agrimatics design for LibraCart hardware is also power-efficient, and the battery (3.6V AA lithium) usually lasts the entire season or longer. No time wasted with a dead device or searching for a battery. Plus, the LibraCart hardware is built to last and able to withstand extreme temperatures, heavy rain, wind, mud, vibration, and sun. 

What Kind of Data Does it Record?

LibraCart technology, patent-pending, will record the day, month, year, time, weight, and GPS location of each grain cart unloaded. The system will then provide load tracking from field to truck to destination. It’s not a difficult tool to use and doesn’t require any specific training which saves you time. Time is money, and during planting and harvest, you need as much time as you can get. 

libracart agrimatics West Enterprises hardware

What Devices is LibraCart Technology Compatible With? 

At the current time, LibraCart is compatible with iPad 3 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, and Android devices running versions 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth® Smart. Please note that all of LibraCart’s updates/new features are developed for iOS devices first, and they are then brought to the Android devices. If there are any problems with the device, there are remote diagnostic capabilities. LibraCart is designed to work effectively and it will help keep you on track and get you back to work.

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