DigiFarm - Real-Time Kinematic Positioning

The DigiFarm Virtual Base Network functions using advanced virtual base technology to allow your vehicle to communicate with their network of base stations, making it one the most efficient and reliable methods of Real-Time Kinematic Positioning systems available in agriculture today. It provides you with the highest level of accuracy, reliability, and security for all of your precision farming systems.

Digifarm Featured Products

beacon v3.0 digifarm

Digifarm Beacon v3.0

Seamlessly stream RTK data into any receiver (including John Deere SF3000). There is no need for cables. The Digi Farm Beacon v3.0 enables a wireless Bluetooth connection between GPS/GNSS receiver and a Bluetooth enabled iPad, Android, or Windows tablet. It is MFi (Apple) certified to stream RTK data using a cellular-capable iPad to all major brands of GPS rovers. You will plug the Beacon v3.0 into your receiver. You can then program your information into the DigiFarm app on your tablet and connect. Your data is then streamed from the receiver to your tablet. The Beacon v3.0 has many advantages like using a device that you already own and have a plan on, a cost-effective option for RTK data collection, fast install, and it’s weather-resistant. 

rv50 modem digiarm

Digifarm RV50 Modem

The RV50 Modem is one of the most affordable LTE enabled NTRIP modems available in agriculture. It is an economical option that will bridge your RTK signal to your GPS. It’s very easy to use, and it’s very easy to set it up how you want it. It will also use 3G and 1X service when LTE is not available (remote areas). The RV50 works with all brands of GPS/GNSS receivers - including John Deere using DigiFarm’s John Deere Smart Cable. There are cabling options for most receivers, it is a web-based user interface, there is remote support, and it supports most cellular carriers.

Digifarm BR1 Mini Modem

br1 mini modem digifarm

This BR1 Mini Modem is similar to the RV50, but it will only work with WiFi. It comes with a high gain antenna to help get a signal in remote areas. It supports Verizon, US Cellular, and AT&T. This modem works with displays that utilize a WiFi network, including Ag Leader InCommand, Trimble Android displays, the Outback MAX, and the Outback Rebel. This is a low-cost WiFi solution that will get you what you need at lower costs. 

For more information about Digi Farm and a full product lineup, visit their website at www.GoDigiFarm.com, or complete the “request a quote” form to learn more from your qualified local DigiFarm Dealers.

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