Partner Dealers

Partner Dealers - Ag Dealers in West/NW Illinois

West Enterprises is excited to be working with 3 partner dealers in providing precision agriculture products to producers in the West/Northwest corner of Illinois.  Feel free to contact them for assistance with the purchase of products and service.  Each is an independent businessman that is active in the local community.


Dambman Service

Dambman Service - Ag Dealer


Serving the Ag industry since 1983 with conservation tillage, hay, and technology products.

                Owner:  Curt Dambman

                Address:  7073 Shannon Rd

                               Milledgeville, IL  61051

                Phone:  815-622-6750


Holst Precision Ag

Hoist Precision Ag

Holst Precision Ag Luke

                Owner:  Luke Holst         

                Address:  2787 E Cty Rd 150

                               Augusta, IL  62311

                Phone:  217-430-3945


Seth Wenzel Precision

                Owner:  Seth Wenzel

                Address:  15351 N Cemetery Rd

                               Kent, IL  61044

                Phone:  815-757-4020