Product Spotlight: Ag Leader

At West Enterprises, we work with producers to maximize the use of precision farming. Ag Leader is a product we use to help put the pieces of the Precision Puzzle together in an economical solution to help return our customer's return on investment. 

What Is Ag Leader? Ag Leader Technology

Ag Leader produces high quality, innovative precision agriculture tools. These tools help improve decision making, efficiency and solve agronomic challenges all over the world. It allows farmers to take charge of their farming needs at an affordable price. 

Ag Leader Provides Solutions 

With so many changes in the world of precision agriculture, it is important to keep up with the latest technology. Ag Leader focuses on the wants and needs of the farmer and provides many solutions. The solutions include: 

  • Data Managment: The data management feature on Ag Leader makes management decisions much easier. It allows farmers to collect accurate data, read data into SMS, explore your maps, organize your thoughts and make an action list. Having accurate, recorded data can help to benefit both you and your partners. 
  • Planting: Elimination of overplanting means lower seed costs, resulting in improved yields. Ag Leader technology allows farmers to protect their seed investment by being able to control how much seed is planted and where it is planted. 
  • Application: Waste is a huge threat to farmers. Whether you are wasting time, energy, or products, Ag Leader makes the application process much simpler by streamlining the process. It allows farmers to maximize their resources and times. 
  • Harvest: Ag Leader allows farmers to see what is happening in real-time as their combine moves through the field.
  • Water Management: Ag Leader manages water with the same precision as the rest of your operation. It can help improve your crop health and yield.

Ag Leader Products

Ag Leader provides many different products to help meet all of your needs. Some of our products include Displays, Guidance and Steering, SeedCommand, DirectCommand, Yield Monitoring, SMS Software, Intellislope, and Agfiniti. To learn more about Ag Leader products, click HERE

West Enterprises Is Here To Help 

If you are looking for Ag Leader products, West Enterprises located in Geneseo, IL is here to help. Our experts can help you find the perfect products that you need for your agricultural operation. We offer free quotes to help provide you with all the agricultural technology and equipment you need. Contact us today!